Quality Bonsai At The Best Price

When you purchase a bonsai tree from us, you'll receive a quality tree at a modest price. Bonsai require time and effort to grow, but we don't think that they should cost the earth! We keep our prices low so more people can enjoy our little creations. Find out more about our pricing below


Why are your prices lower?

Compared with other retailers, our prices are cheaper. Why is that? Well there isn't any decrease in quality, which some people might be led to think. We have been making bonsai trees since 2009. All of our bonsai are healthy, vigorous and will last for many years to come (if properly cared for). We simply charge what we feel is fair for the amount of time and effort we put into creating the tree.



Why do some bonsai have a higher price than others?

The price of a bonsai tree is determined by factors such as age, species, and tree characteristics. An older tree is always going to cost more as more time is spent growing and working on the tree (each tree needs to be watered, fed, trimmed and looked after each year). The trees species can also play a part in the price. Some species are hard to grow and some species are easy to grow. Lastly, a trees characteristics play a part in the price. This considers the overall appearance of the bonsai tree. A more defined tree that has more work put into it will always cost more. Sometimes we let a tree grow for a few more years before we sell it on the store. All of this contributes to the final price.