Simply Bonsai creates miniature trees that are living pieces of art. 

My main goal is to provide Kiwi's with quality bonsai at a fair price. All of the bonsai that you see on the store are created and cared for by myself. I specialise in creating starter bonsai trees between the ages of 3-8 years. My starter bonsai trees are popular with hobbyists and also make perfect gifts. I love to make bonsai, but I am also happy to answer any bonsai related questions you may have. So please reach out! I'd love to hear from you.


A Growing Interest in Bonsai


 Why the interest in bonsai? Well, people are fascinated with the concept of miniaturization. It's amazing to see a miniature version of a tree standing in a shallow pot. It is this illusion that draws people into this creative practice. Bonsai is great hobby for people of all ages and backgrounds. A tree that you acquire today, may be with you for a life time. Bonsai is an art form that is always alive and growing.   

Until recently, bonsai was only practiced in the east. It had taken some time before the hobby began to grow in other parts of the world. Once bonsai was introduced, it began to grow interest in a number of ways. For starters, you may have heard of bonsai in conversation or perhaps had seen The Karate Kid movie (the better 1984 film of course ). Fast forward a few more years and bonsai interest had increased even further...The internet had arrived and people can now share limitless content via social media and the web. Instagram and Facebook feeds show ancient bonsai trees that would otherwise never be seen without the internet. Bonsai forums are flourishing with new bonsai enthusiasts. There has never been more bonsai trees to see or teachers to learn from. What was once unheard of, is now an accessible hobby for all to enjoy.  




About Me 

Hi, I'm Lance. I have been practicing the art of bonsai since 2009. 

All of the bonsai that you see on the store are made and cared for by myself. My first bonsai was a gift from a family member, given to me in 2009. It was a beautiful conifer. The bonsai looked like a lone tree in a baron rocky wasteland (but shrunken down to fit in a pot). I was in awe of this tiny tree, and couldn't help but be astounded by the concept of this miniaturisation. Unfortunately this tree died due to neglect. Even though my first tree was a failure as a novice, it didn't discourage me at all. In fact, I wanted to try again and learn from my last mistake! The next tree I acquired as a novice is still with me today.

I've never viewed myself as a 'businessman'. I just enjoy what I do ‚ÄĒ which is creating bonsai for people to enjoy. Without customers, though, my passion couldn't sustain me ‚ÄĒ so thank you to my customers for supporting me on my journey.¬†




Since 2009, I have worked at various plant nurseries, and gardening companies. Working in the horticulture industry for over a decade has helped me grow my plant knowledge immensely. This knowledge transferred over to bonsai well as bonsai is nothing but a horticultural art form. Simply Bonsai started off as an idea on paper while working for another company. I would write my ideas down on scraps of paper whenever a creative thought came through. What started off as a hobby was growing into something bigger. That goal was a bonsai shop where I could share my miniature creations. I love what I do for a living, creating and sharing bonsai for all to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the website and my living pieces of art. 


Myself standing next to a famous Japanese White Pine Named: 'Chiyo-no-matsu' from the Omiya Bonsai Art Museum in Japan
Estimated Tree Age: 500 years