Basic Bonsai Care

This is a basic bonsai care guide. When you purchase a tree from Simply Bonsai, you will gain access to our comprehensive learning area.


Placement: Place your bonsai outside in a wind sheltered position (do not be place the bonsai inside or under a veranda.)  



Watering: Water thoroughly every morning from spring through to summer. Water less in winter. Use a gentle setting on your hose or watering can.



Feeding: Feed fortnightly from spring to early autumn. Use Nitrosol or McGregor’s Ornamental fertiliser. Or you can sprinkle slow release fertiliser onto the surface of your bonsai tree (we use Tui Pots & Containers fertiliser).



Re-potting: Repot every 1-3 years in spring when new growth emerges. Re-pot every year if your bonsai is in a small pot, and less often if your bonsai is growing in a larger pot.



Trimming: Trim back growth during the growing season (spring and summer). Don't trim too much off the tree or too often.