Chinese Elm (Semi-Indoor)

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Description: The Chinese elm is well known for being a reliable bonsai species. It can tolerate a lot of mistakes and therefore makes the tree very forgiving for beginners. Chinese Elm's have vigorous lush green growth in spring and summer, and beautiful yellowing foliage in autumn.  

Species: Ulmus Parvifolia

Approximate Age: 6+ years

Approximate Height: 22cm

Pot Size: 8"

Placement: Outdoor or Indoor bonsai

If placed outdoors: Full sun/ Part shade 

If placed indoors: Place in a bright room with morning or late afternoon sun. Ideally placed a cool bathroom with good humidity and light and not in a room with a fireplace or heat pump. Never against a window.

It should be noted that while the Chinese elm will grow indoors. It is advised that the Elm be kept outside from late-autumn to early-spring so the tree may go through dormancy. This gives the Elm time to gather its strength.

Your bonsai will take approximately 1-3 days to arrive depending on your location.

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